Time = Money

Save both with NPrinting

Simply create incredible reports: it’s easy!

NPrinting lets you create sophisticated reports in one integrated environment starting from your QlikView document. You can create output based on Excel templates you create in NPrinting or on existing QlikView Reports from your QlikView document. Output can be in pdf or .xls formats (.xls format for template based reports only).

A better way to present your data.

NPrinting uses data from your Qlikview documents to create reports and spreadsheets in Excel. You can build reports in minutes by dragging and dropping data fields into Excel templates. Format the fields using all of the formatting options available in Excel. You can make sub-totals, insert graphs, use any Excel function and insert macros.

Reuse Your Templates

You can reuse your templates, adding (or removing) additional data, graphics and formatting. Create reports on multiple worksheets.
Each time you reload the Qlikview document, you refresh the data so that your reports are always up to date.

Give the right people the right information at the right time.

Organize and schedule repetitive Qlikview tasks. Deliver output in multiple ways: send reports to printers if you need hard copies, save or distribute QlikView Excel Report or PDF Report files, send as e-mail attachments. Output can be filtered with user specific filters and then sent to user specific e-mail addresses or saved to user folders.
Schedules can be created on a recurring basis or as one-off events.
You can update your QlikView documents or apply the reduce function.
Every time you execute a job, NPrinting creates a log file with the details of every action taken and a errors if any. Log files are saved in text format so that they can be easily shared and viewed and don’t take up lots of disk space.